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  Blink between several images, without having to manually set up the
  plotting windows.


  Display utilities


  This is a wrapper routine for the BLINK procedure in the IDL
  Astronomy User's library. TVBLINK goes through the work of
  creating, displaying, and destroying the image windows which are
  blinked between.

Calling Sequence

  TVBLINK, image1, image2, [image3, ... image5,
          delay = delay, /scale]


  image1: 2D image array to flip through
  image2: 2D image array to flip through
  image3: 2D image array to flip through
  image4: 2D image array to flip through
  image5: 2D image array to flip through

Keyword Parameters

  DELAY: The time delay, in seconds, between blinking
  SCALE: If set, the input images are auto-stretched

Side Effects

  Temporary plotting windows are created, and images are blinked on
  the screen.

Procedures Called

  BLINK (IDL Astro Library)
  TVIMAGE (David Fanning's Coyote Library)

Modification History

  Written by: Chris Beaumont, December 2008

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