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  This procedure creates plots of vector fields. It is a wrapper
  procedure for PLOT and OPLOT, and accepts all of their keywords


  display utilities

Calling Sequence

  plotvec, x,y , xvec, yvec, [linecolor = linecolor, _extra = extra,/over]


  x: The x coordinate of each vector tail
  y: The y coordinate of each vector tail
  xvec: The x component of the vector length
  yvec: The y component of the vector length

Keyword Parameters

  linecolor: The what color to paint the vectors. Used analagously to
            the COLOR keyword in plot.
            In addition, any extra kewyords are passed to plot
  OVER: overplot on a pre-existing graphics window
  veclinestyle: The LINESTYLE keyword value to use when drawing the
                vector lines.
  linethick: The line thickness to use when drawing the vectors.
  _extra: Extra plot keywords to pass through to PLOT.

Modification History

  April 2009: Written by Chris Beaumont

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