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Array Manipulation

Array Manipulation

ARRAY_EQUAL - Test for data equality for two arrays or an array and a scalar.

ARRAY_INDICES - Converts one-dimensional array subscripts into multi-dimensional subscripts.

BLAS_AXPY - Updates an existing array by adding a multiple of another array.

INVERT - Computes the inverse of a square array.

MAX - Returns the largest value (and optionally its position) of an array.

MEDIAN - Returns the median value of an array or applies a median filter.

MIN - Returns the smallest value (and optionally its position) of an array.

REFORM - Changes array dimensions without changing the total number of elements.

REPLICATE_INPLACE - Updates an array by replacing all or selected parts of it with a specified value.

REVERSE - Reverses the order of one dimension of an array.

ROT - Rotates an image by any amount.

ROTATE - Rotates and/or transposes an array in multiples of 90 degrees.

SHIFT - Shifts elements of vectors or arrays by a specified number of elements.

SIZE - Returns array size and type information.

SORT - Returns an array of indices that sort the array elements in ascending order.

TOTAL - Sums of the elements of an array.

TRANSPOSE - Transposes an array.

UNIQ - Returns subscripts of the unique elements in an array.

WHERE - Returns subscripts of nonzero array elements.

XVAREDIT - Provides widget-based editor for IDL variables.

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