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Executive Commands

Executive Commands

.COMPILE - Compile a program.

.CONTINUE - Continues execution of a stopped program.

.EDIT - Opens a file in the IDL Workbench editor.

.FULL_RESET_SESSION - Reset the session and unload sharable libraries.

.GO - Execute a previously-compiled $MAIN$ program.

.OUT - Continues execution until the current routine returns.

.RESET_SESSION - Reset the IDL state, delete all variables and clear compiled code.

.RETURN - Continue execution until RETURN statement.

.RNEW - Erases $MAIN$ program variables and then execute .RUN.

.RUN - Compile and execute IDL commands from a file or the keyboard.

.SKIP - Skip over the next statement or statements.

.STEP - Executes one or more statements.

.STEPOVER - Executes one or more statements but do not step into routines.

.TRACE - Continue execution, display each line of code as it is executed.

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