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Object Class Library

Object Class Library

Analysis Objects

IDLanROI- An object referencing a region of interest.

IDLanROIGroup- Analytical representation of a group of regions of interest.

File Format Objects

IDLffDICOM- Contains the data for one or more images embedded in a DICOM Part 10 file.

IDLffDicomEx - Allows you to read and write data contained in a DICOM file.

IDLffDXF- Contains geometry, connectivity and attributes for graphics primitives.

IDLffJPEG2000- Functionality for reading and writing JPEG-2000 files.

IDLffLangCat - Finds and loads an XML language catalog.

IDLffMrSID- Used to query information about and load image data from a MrSID (.sid) image file.

IDLffShape- Contains geometry, connectivity and attributes for graphics primitives.

IDLffVideoRead - Opens and reads a video file.

IDLffVideoWrite - Write to a video file.

IDLffXMLDOMAttr- An object referencing an attribute that is part of an element object in an XML document.

IDLffXMLDOMCDATASection- Used to escape blocks of text in an XML document containing characters that would otherwise be regarded as markup.

IDLffXMLDOMCharacterData- Extension of the IDLffXMLDOMNode class that supplies a set of methods for accessing character data in the XML DOM tree.

IDLffXMLDOMComment- An object referencing the content of an XML comment.

IDLffXMLDOMDocument- An object referencing the entire XML document as the root of the XML document tree and by providing the primary access to the document’s data.

IDLffXMLDOMDocumentFragment- An object referencing a document fragment in an XML document.

IDLffXMLDOMDocumentType- References a DocumentType node in an XML document.

IDLffXMLDOMElement- References an element node in an XML document.

IDLffXMLDOMEntity- References an entity, either parsed or unparsed, in an XML document.

IDLffXMLDOMEntityReference- References an entity reference node in an XML document.

IDLffXMLDOMNamedNodeMap- Container for IDLffXMLDOM nodes that uses node names to access the nodes.

IDLffXMLDOMNode- Abstract class used as a superclass for other IDLffXMLDOM node classes.

IDLffXMLDOMNodeIterator- Allows iterative navigation of the XML DOM tree.

IDLffXMLDOMNodeList- Container for IDLffXMLDOM nodes.

IDLffXMLDOMNotation- An object referencing a notation in the XML DTD.

IDLffXMLDOMProcessingInstruction- An object referencing a processing instruction in an XML document.

IDLffXMLDOMText- References a text node in the XML document.

IDLffXMLDOMTreeWalker- Allows tree-walking navigation of the XML DOM tree.

IDLffXMLSAX - An object referencing an XML SAX level 2 parser.

 IDLgrVRML - Saves the contents of an Object Graphics hierarchy into a VRML 2.0 format file.

Graphic Objects – Destination

IDLgrBuffer - An in-memory, off-screen destination object.

IDLgrClipboard - A destination object representing the native clipboard.

IDLgrPDF - A destination object that outputs to a PDF file.

IDLgrPrinter - An object referencing a hardcopy graphics destination.

IDLgrWindow - An object referencing an on-screen area on a display device that serves as a graphics destination.

Graphic Objects

IDLgrAxis - An object referencing a single vector that may include a set of tick marks, tick labels, and a title.

IDLgrColorbar - Consists of a color-ramp with an optional framing box and annotation axis.

IDLgrContour - Draws a contour plot from data stored in a rectangular array or from a set of unstructured points.

IDLgrFont - An object referencing a typeface, style, weight, and point size that may be associated with text objects.

IDLgrImage - An object referencing a mapping from a 2D array of data values to a 2D array of pixel colors, resulting in a flat 2D-scaled version of the image, drawn at Z = 0.

IDLgrLegend - Provides a simple interface for displaying a legend.

IDLgrLight - A light source for 3D graphic objects.

IDLgrModel - An object graphics container that can be transformed (rotated, scaled, and/or translated).

IDLgrPalette - An object referencing a color lookup table that maps indices to red, green, and blue values.

IDLgrPattern - Describes which pixels are filled and which are left blank when an area is filled.

IDLgrPlot - Creates set of polylines connecting data points in 2D space.

IDLgrPolygon - An object referencing one or more polygons that share a set of vertices and rendering attributes.

IDLgrPolyline - An object referencing one or more polylines that share a set of vertices and rendering attributes.

IDLgrROI - Object graphics representation of a region of interest.

IDLgrROIGroup - Object Graphics representation of a group of regions of interest.

IDLgrScene - An object that serves as a container of IDLgrView or IDLgrViewgroup objects.

IDLgrSurface - A shaded or vector representation of a mesh grid. No superclasses.

IDLgrSymbol - An object referencing a graphical element that is plotted relative to a particular position.

IDLgrTessellator - Decomposes a polygon description into a set of triangles.

IDLgrText - An object referencing one or more text strings that share common rendering attributes.

IDLgrView - An object graphics container that represents a rectangular area in which graphics objects are drawn.

IDLgrViewgroup - An object graphics container that can contain IDLgrView objects and also objects without a Draw method.

IDLgrVolume - An object referencing mapping from a 3D array of data to a 3D array of voxel colors, which, when drawn, are projected to two dimensions.

Miscellaneous Objects

IDL_Container - A container for other objects.

IDL_IDLBridge - Creates and controls a synchronous or an asynchronous child IDL process.

IDL_Object - A parent class that allows your object class to use operator overloading.

IDL_Savefile - Provides query and restore capabilities for SAVE files.

IDLcomIDispatch - Creates an IDL object that encapsulates a COM object.

IDLjavaObject - An IDL object encapsulating a Java object.

IDLsysMonitorInfo - Contains information about the display monitor or monitors attached to your system.

TrackBall - Translates widget events from a draw widget into transformations that emulate a virtual trackball.

Network Objects

IDLnetJPIP - Allows for the ability to stream JPEG2000 imagery from a remote JPIP server.

IDLnetOGCWCS- Provides the ability to query and return data from an OGC Web Coverage Service server.

IDLnetOGCWMS- Provides the ability to query and return data from an OGC Web Map Service server.

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