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iTool Creation Routines

ICONTOUR - Create an iTool containing contour data.

IIMAGE - Create an iTool containing image data.

IMAP - Display georeferenced data in an iTool.

IPLOT - Create an iTool containing plot data.

ISURFACE - Create an iTool containing surface data.

IVECTOR - Create an iTool containing vector data.

IVOLUME - Create an iTool containing volume data.

iTool Procedural Routines

ICONVERTCOORD - Convert between iTool coordinate systems.

IDELETE - Delete an iTool.

IDLITSYS_CREATETOOL - Create an instance of the specified iTool.

IELLIPSE - Create an ellipse annotation in an existing iTool.

IGETCURRENT - Retrieve the iTool identifier of the current tool.

IGETDATA - Retrieve data from a specified iTools visualization.

IGETID - Retrieve the full iTool object identifier string for a visualization item.

IGETPROPERTY - Retrievs a property value from an iTools visualization.

IOPEN - Open a file, reads the data, and adds the data to IDL’s current scope.

IPOLYGON - Create a polygon annotation in an existing iTool.

IPOLYLINE - Create a line annotation in an existing iTool.

IPUTDATA - Replace the data in a specified iTools visualization.

IREGISTER- Register iTool object classes or other iTool functionality.

IRESET - Reset the IDL iTools session.

IRESOLVE - Resolve all IDL code required for the iTools framework.

IROTATE - Rotate an iTools visualization.

ISAVE - Save the contents of the current iTool as an image file.

ISCALE - Scale an iTools visualization.

ISETCURRENT - Set the current iTool.

ISETPROPERTY - Set a property on one or more iTools visualizations.

ITEXT - Create a text annotation in an existing iTool.

ITRANSLATE - Translate an iTools visualization.

IZOOM - Change the zoom factor on an iTools visualization.

REGISTER_CURSOR - Associates a given name with cursor information for use in iTools.

iTool Framework Objects

See iTool Framework Objects.

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