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Widget Routines

Widget Routines

WIDGET_BASE - Create a base widget container for other widgets.

WIDGET_BUTTON - Create a button widget.

WIDGET_COMBOBOX - Create an editable droplist widget.

WIDGET_CONTROL - Realize, manage, and destroy widgets.

WIDGET_DISPLAYCONTEXTMENU - Display a context-sensitive menu.

WIDGET_DRAW - Create a drawable widget.

WIDGET_DROPLIST - Create a droplist widget.

WIDGET_EVENT - Return events for the widget hierarchy.

WIDGET_INFO - Obtain information about widgets.

WIDGET_LABEL - Create a label widget.

WIDGET_LIST - Create a list widget.

WIDGET_PROPERTYSHEET - Create a property sheet widget.

WIDGET_SLIDER - Create a slider widget.

WIDGET_TAB - Create a tab widget.

WIDGET_TABLE - Create a table widget.

WIDGET_TEXT - Create a text widget.

WIDGET_TREE - Create a tree widget.

WIDGET_TREE_MOVE - Copy and move tree widget nodes.

WIDGET_WINDOW - Create a drawable graphics widget.

XMANAGER - The event loop manager for widgets.

XMNG_TMPL - Template for creating widgets.

XMTOOL - Displays tool for viewing XMANAGER widgets.

XREGISTERED - Return the registration status of a widget.

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