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Learn How Real-time Intelligence Complements Situational Awareness

While "boots on the ground" provides the best intelligence in many situations, there are times it isn't practical, or possible. Not only that, but human intelligence has the drawback of being subjective – we don't all see the same things, or pay the same level of attention to the detail in our surroundings. Blind spots can mask the view of exactly what is happening on the ground.

Now you can complement traditional information to solve localized threat problems.

With the advancement of sensing technologies supported by the Internet of Things, Harris has developed an innovative solution in command and control for wide area object tracking and situational awareness – Automated Recognition of Geospatial Objects Solution (ARGOS).

Watch this recorded webinar to:

  • Learn how imagery becomes observational intelligence
  • Understand how Harris repurposes "dumb" cameras into "smart" tracking cameras using machine learning
  • See an example of how ARGOS is used to track and locate a suspected terrorist
  • See ARGOS in action with a live demo


Download a PDF of the presentation slides here.