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Managing transportation networks, whether road, rail, or aviation, is a high-risk proposition. Keeping travelers safe, as well as your crew, is of the upmost importance. But the challenges of managing a network aren’t limited to safety and also including controlling costs, ensuring reliability and boosting efficiencies. As transportation companies look for ways improve on all aspects of transportation infrastructure management, remotely sensing technology such as satellite, UAS, and LiDAR data combined with big data analytics is being looked at to improve safety, reduce expenses, and make better decisions.

Harris Solution Delivery

Harris Geospatial delivers advanced analysis solutions that utilitize geospatial imagery and data to help better manage transportation networks and infrastructure. Whether it’s inspecting the condition of rail ties, identifying missing attachments on bridges, or monitoring road weather conditions, we deliver technology that helps you manage data, discover answers, and make more effective decisions. For nearly 30 years, Harris Geospatial Solutions has been exclusively focused on leveraging remotely sensed data to solve some of the most challenging problems in the industry. Today, Harris is firmly established as the industry leader in image science, and with the ever-increasing availability of geospatial data, transportation agencies rely on Harris for solutions that deliver critical network insights.

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Harris provides solutions to transportation companies that range from data collection, to data storage and management, to processing and analyzing data, to delivering those critical insights to the right people, at the right time, in the right place. We can deliver an end-to-end solution or integrate any of these offerings into an existing system.

Remotely sensed imagery and data are being used to augment ground-based inspection techniques for transportation infrastructure. By delivering high-resolution visual information about the condition of infrastructure, imagery can improve the safety of inspections, provide the ability to prioritize repairs, and reduce overall management costs.

Image Science

Using traditional remote sensing techniques, we can provide additional insights along the rail corridor or the rail yards including vegetation encroachment, post disaster management (flood extent, subsidence mapping), and engineering focused applications (water runoff, new construction near track corridor with impervious surfaces).

Image Science

Whether you're flying a drone, an airplane, or looking to accurately map airports or train pilots to fly, Harris Geospatial has products and solutions to meet your needs.

Image Science

Automate and Scale Network Management with AMPlify

As transportation companies capture and consume more remotely sensed data, establishing a centralized data management system is necessary to efficiently operate. Users throughout the organization need quick access to the right data to make informed decisions. Leveraging years of success in the defense and intelligence domain, Harris has commercialized its advanced data management system in AMPlify.



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Harris’ transportation asset management platform (AMPlify) ingests all types of imagery, video, LiDAR and other forms of remotely sensed data to analyze transportation infrastructure. AMPlify lets users in the field or in an operations center quickly locate critical intelligence with advanced discovery and filtering capabilities so they can make informed decisions with a high degree of confidence.


Harris understands the requirements around operations integration and has developed AMPlify to work seamlessly with other operational systems such as GIS, work management, and asset inventory.

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