• Quickly Assess UAV Data
    Collects in the Field


Harris Corporation, developers of the leading image analysis software, ENVI®, has created PrecisionPass to assess UAV data collects in the field. This toolkit lets pilots quickly determine if a data collection meets the required criteria or if it needs to be collected again. This immediate feedback reduces the risk of failures during the analysis stage, all but eliminating the need to re-fly a mission, so customer needs are met in a timely and cost-efficient manner.


Data collected by UAVs has become invaluable to projects of all scopes and sizes. However, as the number of UAVs collecting data has increased, so have problems related to the quality of the data collected. With a multitude of different sensor packages and flight platform characteristics, not to mention varying operator piloting skills, how can you ensure that the captured data will meet the needs of your downstream analysis?




Use UAV imagery to identify and locate abnormalities on turbine blades.


Helios Weather Analytics


See how PrecisionPass helps to quickly and easily verify data quality.

  PrecisionPass Data Sheet

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Assess UAV data collects with PrecisionPass

Review Required Metadata

PrecisionPass performs a metadata review to ensure all required metadata are present and are within the specified criteria for the capture. The criteria can be configured to contain items such as positional information, camera parameters, timestamps, bit depth, and file format.

Assess Coverage

PrecisionPass reviews the spacing along and between flight lines to ensure that there is proper overlap and sidelap for stitching and analysis purposes. The toolkit can also find gaps between scan lines and compare the collection to a bounding polygon to ensure proper coverage.

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PrecisionPass Capture Assessment

Capture area assessment for frame camera.

Assess image quality on the fly with PrecisionPass

Corning hyperspectral push-broom imagery of an orchard. Red lines indicate a larger than 5cm gap between scan lines (i.e. the minimum allowable gap for this mission).

Assess Image Resolution

Harris leveraged its decades of experience developing algorithms that analyze satellite image quality to create this toolkit that similarly analyzes the quality of UAV data. PrecisionPass can determine the minimum, maximum, and average ground sample distance (GSD) for each pixel. This ensures that the spatial resolution required for analysis will be met.

Assess Image Quality

Using advanced image analysis techniques, PrecisionPass can identify the presence of over- and undersaturation as well as insufficient contrast levels. PrecisionPass can also rapidly produce an image mosaic for quality assessment and in-the-field analysis.

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PrecisionPass Package Data

MicaSense imagery of a potato field. Collection statistics on the right hand side indicate that some collection criteria was achieved and others were not.

Speed-Up Upload/Processing Times

PrecisionPass can analyze all images or scan lines to remove unneeded and poor-quality data. This includes excessive overlap, off-nadir imagery, and extraneous data outside of the capture polygon.

Package Data for Processing

PrecisionPass can package your data so it can easily be uploaded and ingested into your analysis workflow. Lossless compression can be performed to diminish the time lost during file transfer.

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Improve Data Capture

PrecisionPass has an easy to use interface that assists pilots in assessing their capture and helps them improve their capture techniques over time.

Configure Based On Needs

The parameters in PrecisionPass can be easily configured to help you get the exact information you need.

Easily Verify Your UAV Data Collects in the Field

Quickly and accurately determine if your data collection meets the required criteria with our PrecisionPass tookit. Contact us today!

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