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Jagwire is web-based geospatial data management software that helps quickly discover data, transform it into information, and put it in the hands of the people that need it most – regardless of location.

Getting to Know Jagwire

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Save time and effort by organizing your data with Jagwire.

Managing Utility Assets with Jagwire

Jagwire Use Case

See how Jagwire allows utility companies to easily ingest and manage thousands of images.


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Support for virtually any data type

Today organizations invest in many different types of data to solve complex geospatial problems. Jagwire has the capability to support and fuse a wide variety of data and formats, taking advantage of the strengths of each data type to provide a more complete solution to the problem. Jagwire’s multi-source, multi-INT, and multi-modal ingest is capable of supporting virtually any data type including existing data stores.






Standards are important because they enable the easy sharing of information between systems. Jagwire was built around adopted standards and web services, so data is delivered where and when it’s needed while ensuring systems are compliant, interoperable, and secure. Jagwire is certified to support these industry data and format standards.


  • JPIP
    Stream to enabled viewer i.e. FalconView, Socket GXP
  • SOS
    Notify viewer of file list for motion image support (OGC)
  • JSON
    Communicate with NOSQL DB
  • WMS
    Render and query of map data (OGC)
  • WCS
    Retrieve of a subset of a raw coverage (OGC)
  • WFS
    Retrieve feature data (OGC)
  • GeoServices
    Esri open specification for interacting
    with ArcGIS 10+ products
  • AMQP
    Message component coordination
  • HTML5
    In-browser video support and styles
    Distributed component model
  • KML
    Display Google Earth assets
  • Shapefiles
    Point and vector-based data

Video Formats/Standards:

  • MPEG1
  • MPEG2
  • MPEG4 – H.264
  • KLV
    Used for metadata
  • JMS
    Messaging for component coordination

Image Formats/Standards

  • NITF
    National Imagery Transmission Format
  • TIFF
    Tagged Image File Format
  • JP2
    Joint Photographic Experts Group 2000
    Joint Photographic Experts Group (Discrete Cosine Transform)
  • LAZ
    Laser File Format (compressed)
  • LAS
    Laser File Format

Giving You The Tools To Be Successful


Jagwire allows users across the organization to quickly locate critical intelligence with advanced discovery and filtering capabilities. Whether in the field or in an operations/data center, users will have access to the data they need to make decisions with a high degree of confidence.

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Discover critical intelligence with advanced cataloging from Jagwire.

Jagwire can catalog virtually any data type for fast and easy discovery across the enterprise. From full motion video and satellite imagery, to non-optical data such as SAR and LiDAR, and even mission chat sessions, rely on Jagwire to manage data and quickly make it available when it’s needed – regardless of location.

Catalog data with Jagwire to quickly filter through large volumes of data assets based upon a variety of parameters including location, date/time, platform, file type or format, and more. User provided meta data can also be ingested into the system to help narrow down search results. This makes finding the "needle in the haystack" easy, and finding the "needle in the needle stack" possible.


Directly from the Jagwire interface, end users can rapidly transform big data into information using scientifically proven ENVI analytics. With access to the most up-to-date data, it’s possible to provide multi-INT fusion for Intel and Map product generation, enabling more informed decisions based upon all the available information.


Operations such as monitoring oil and gas assets, responding to natural disasters, gathering strategic intelligence, or any other number of scenarios would all benefit from on-the-fly information for quicker, more accurate decisions. When Jagwire is combined with a cloud-deployed version of ENVI, the analytics are moved to where the data resides — making it possible to quickly create on-the-fly geospatial products with thin and mobile clients. Now, you can use the most up-to-date data to get answers in near real-time to ensure safe and successful operations. Some examples of supported image analytics capabilities include pan sharpening, change detection and land use classification.

Transform Big Data into Information

From the Jagwire interface, or as a stand-alone desktop product, any end user can rapidly transform big data into information using scientifically proven image analytics from ENVI software. When Jagwire is outfitted with ENVI, it’s possible to provide multi-INT fusion for Intel/Map product generation, enabling more informed decisions using all the information available. Or, ENVI can act as a completely interoperable solution with existing products and infrastructure.


Conserving enterprise infrastructure, whether it's disk space or bandwidth, keeps a systems up and running and costs under control. The Jagwire architecture is designed to get the most out of existing infrastructure. It is even optimized for low-bandwidth and high-latency networks, including dissemination to thin clients and mobile devices. JPIP streaming enables delivery of imagery data to low-bandwidth users without loss of resolution. FMV is transcoded on the fly at lower bit rates to support low-bandwidth delivery. Jagwire delivers across all networks and devices, from data centers to hand-held devices.

Fully Scalable

Quickly Locate Critically Geospatial Intelligence

Take your data to the next level with Jagwire, the web-based geospatial data management software of choice. Contact us today!

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