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The Bookmarks View

The Bookmarks View

The Bookmarks View displays all Bookmarks set in the Workbench. Bookmarks are placeholders that you can set to allow easy navigation back to a particular file and file location.

To show the Bookmarks View, select WINDOW > Show View > Bookmarks from the Menubar (or WINDOW > Show View > Other > Bookmarks).


Description - This field displays the descriptive text you entered when you set the Bookmark in the Editor.

Resource - Displays the name of the file containing the Bookmark.

Path - Shows the location of the file in relation to your current workspace.

Location - Displays the specific place in the file where the Bookmark is set.


  • All fields in the Bookmarks View are sortable by clicking in the header for that column.
  • Double-clicking on a Bookmark's entry (row) will cause the Editor to display the file in which the Bookmark appears.
  • Change the description for a Bookmark by clicking in the Description field and typing a new description. The new description will populate back to the original file.

Bookmarks View Menu

The upper-right corner of the Bookmarks View contains a dropdown menu containing additional View options.

Sort By - Allows you to sort the Bookmarks by a column you select.

New Bookmarks View - Add a new Bookmarks View by using this option.

Configure Contents - Create filters for display of the Bookmarks with this option.

Columns - Allows you to change the order of the columns as they appear in the Bookmarks View.

Preferences - Use Preferences to select the columns you want to display in the Bookmarks View.

Set a Bookmark in a Program

In the Editor View, right-click in the gray area to the left of the line numbers and choose "Add Bookmark." Enter a name for the Bookmark and select "OK". IDL displays a Bookmark to the left of your code:

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