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    Parse the search string supplied to DBFIND. Not a standalone routine

Calling Sequence

    DBFPARSE, [ spar, items, stype, values ]


    spar - search parameter specification, scalar string


    items - list of items to search on
    stype - search type, numeric scalar
              0 item=values[j,0]
              -1 item>values[j,0]
              -2 item<values[j,1]
              -3 values[j,0]<item               -4 item is non zero
              -5 item=values[j,0] within tolerance values[j,1]
              0< items in list values[j,i] for i=0,stype-1
    values - search values, 20 x 10 string array, can parse a string
              with up to 20 items specifications, each item can have 10

Revision History

    D. Lindler NOV, 1987
    Check for valid numeric values before assuming a date string
    W. Landsman July, 1993
    Accept four digit years when in ccyy/doy format W. Landsman October 1998
    Don't do DATE/Time test for string items W. Landsman July 2006
    No tolerance search allowed for strings, so allow parenthesis within string
        W. Landsman Feb 2015

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