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      Subroutine of DBINDEX to create associated variable of correct datatype


      DBINDEX_BLK will offset into the file by a specified amount in
      preparation for writing to the file. V5.2 or later

Calling Sequence

      res = dbindex_blk(unit, nb, bsz, ofb, dtype)


      unit The unit number assigned to the file.
      nb The number of blocks to offset into the file.
      bsz The size of each block, in bytes, to offset into the file.
      ofb The offset into the block, in bytes.
      dtype The IDL datatype as defined in the SIZE function


      res The returned variable. This is an associated variable.


      The file must have been previously opened.

Modification History

      Written by Michael R. Greason, STX, 14 June 1990.
      Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997
      Use 64 bit integer for very large databases W. Landsman February 2001
      Added new unsigned & 64bit integer datatypes W. Landsman July 2001

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