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      Combine separate red, green, and blue FITS images into TIFF format


      The output TIFF (class R) file can have colors interleaved either
      by pixel or image. The colour mix is also adjustable.

Calling Sequence

      FITSRGB_to_TIFF, path, rgb_files, tiff_name [,/BY_PIXEL, /PREVIEW,
                        RED= , GREEN =, BLUE =]


      path = file system directory path to the RGB files required.
      rgb_files = string array with three components - the red FITS file
                  filename, the blue FITS file filename and the green FITS
                  file filename


      tiff_name = string containing name of tiff file to be produced

Optional Output

      Header = String array containing the header from the FITS file.

Optional Input Keywords

      BY_PIXEL = This causes TIFF file RGB to be interleaved by pixel
                  rather than the default of by image.
      PREVIEW = Allows a 24 bit image to be displayed on the screen
                  to check the colour mix.
      RED = Real number containing the fractional mix of red
      GREEN = Real number containing the fractional mix of green
      BLUE = Real number containing the fractional mix of blue


      Read three FITS files, 'red.fits', 'blue.fits' and 'green.fits' from
      the directory '/data/images/space' and output a TIFF file named
              IDL> FITSRGB_to_TIFF, '/data/images/space', ['red.fits', $
                    'blue.fits', 'green.fits'], 'colour.tiff'
      Read three FITS files, 'red.fits', 'blue.fits' and 'green.fits' from
      the current directory and output a TIFF file named '/images/out.tiff'
      In this case, the red image is twice as strong as the green and the
      blue is a third more intense. A preview on screen is also wanted.
              IDL> FITSRGB_to_TIFF, '.', ['red.fits', $
                    'blue.fits', 'green.fits'], '/images/out.tiff', $
                    /PREVIEW, RED=0.5, GREEN=1.0, BLUE=0.666


      (1) Limited to the ability of the routine READFITS



Procedures Used

    Procedures: WRITE_TIFF

Modification History

    16th January 1995 - Written by Carl Shaw, Queen's University Belfast
27 Jan 1995 - W. Landsman, Add CONCAT_DIR for VMS, Windows compatibility
Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997
    Use WRITE_TIFF instead of obsolete TIFF_WRITE W. Landsman December 1998
    Cosmetic changes W. Landsman February 2000

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