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      Procedure to read a STSDAS header from disk.


      This version of SXHREAD can read two types of disk files
      (1) Unix stream files with a CR after every 80 bytes
      (2) Variable length record files
      (3) Fixed length (80 byte) record files

Calling Sequence

      sxhread, name, header


      name - file name, scalar string. An extension of .hhh is appended
              if not already supplied. (Note STSDAS headers are required
              to have a 3 letter extension ending in 'h'.) gzip extensions
              .gz will be recognized as compressed.


      header - STSDAS header, string array


      SXHREAD does not do any checking to see if the file is a valid
      STSDAS header. It simply reads the file into a string array with
      80 byte elements


      Version 1 D. Lindler July, 1987
      Version 2 M. Greason, August 1990
      Use READU for certain ST VAX GEIS files W. Landsman January, 1992
      Read variable length Unix files E. Deutsch/W. Landsman November, 1994
      Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997
      Updated by E. Artigau to handle gzipped fits August 2004
      Remove VMS support, W. Lnadsman September 2006

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