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      Procedure to return the size of a FITS ASCII table.

Calling Sequence

      ftsize,h,tab,ncols,rows,tfields,ncols_all,nrows_all, [ERRMSG = ]


      h - FITS ASCII table header, string array
      tab - FITS table array, 2-d byte array


      ncols - number of characters per row in table
      nrows - number of rows in table
      tfields - number of fields per row
      ncols_all - number of characters/row allocated (size of tab)
      nrows_all - number of rows allocated

Optional Output Keyword

      ERRMSG = If this keyword is present, then any error messages will be
                returned to the user in this parameter rather than
                depending on the MESSAGE routine in IDL. If no errors are
                encountered, then a null string is returned.


      D. Lindler July, 1987
      Fix for 1-row table, W. Landsman HSTX, June 1994
      Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997
      Added ERRMSG keyword W. Landsman May 2000

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