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      Prompted entries allowing defaults. Help, IDL/DCL commands.


Calling Sequence

      value = enter(type, prompt, default, [exit_flag, help_text])


      type = Data type to return. in
          Allowed types are:
          'STRING' = string
          'BYTE' = byte
          'INTEGER' = integer
          'LONG' = long integer
          'FLOAT' = float
          'DOUBLE' = double float
      prompt = prompt string. in
          Any occurence of $DEF in the prompt string
          is replaced by the default value, so the
          prompt message may display the default.
      default = default value. in
      help_text = text to display for ? command. in
          String or string array for multiple lines.
          $DEF in the help string is replaced by
          the def. value.

Keyword Parameters


      exit_flag = exit status flag. out
          Valid values are:
          0 = normal exit.
          1 = quit on return.
          -1 = backup to last entry.
          11 = invalid data type.
          12 = def. val. cannot convert to desired
              data type.
      value = returned value of desired type. out

Common Blocks


      Notes: The following commands are allowed as ENTER entries:
        Value requested.
        Null entry. Gives default value
          (for calling error may return error flag).
        Expressions. Processes given IDL expression.
        Q. Returns quit value (1) in exit flag.
        B. Returns backup value (-1) in exit flag.
        IDL statment. Executes given IDL statement.
        $ statement. Executes given shell statement.

Modification History

      R. Sterner. 17 Oct, 1986.
      RES 9 OCT, 1989 --- CONVERTED TO SUN.
      RES 13 Nov, 1989 --- put $DEF in prompt and help_text.
      R. Sterner, 27 Jan, 1993 --- dropped reference to array.
      Dr. Jenny Lovell, CSIRO Earth Observation Centre, Australia
      Fixed a bug in testing if input is a number.
      R. Sterner, 2010 May 04 --- Converted arrays from () to [].
  Copyright (C) 1986, Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory
  This software may be used, copied, or redistributed as long as it is not
  sold and this copyright notice is reproduced on each copy made. This
  routine is provided as is without any express or implied warranties
  whatsoever. Other limitations apply as described in the file disclaimer.txt.

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