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  Replace all occurences of one substring by another.


  Meant to emulate the string substitution capabilities of text editors
  Obsolete since introduction of the REPLACE method for string variables
  introduced in IDL 8.4
For a more sophisticated routine that allows regular expressions look
at MG_STRREPLACE() http://docs.idldev.com/idllib/strings/mg_streplace.html

Calling Sequence

result = repstr( obj, in, out )

Input Parameters

  obj = object string for editing, scalar or array
in = substring of 'obj' to be replaced, scalar
out = what 'in' is replaced with, scalar. If not supplied
then out = '', i.e. 'in' is not replaced by anything.

Output Parameters

Result returned as function value. Input object string
not changed unless assignment done in calling program.


Searches for 'in', splits 'obj' into 3 pieces, reassembles
with 'out' in place of 'in'. Repeats until all cases done.


If a = 'I am what I am' then print,repstr(a,'am','was')
will give 'I was what I was'.

Modification History

Written by Robert S. Hill, ST Systems Corp., 12 April 1989.
Accept vector object strings, W. Landsman HSTX, April, 1996
  Convert loop to LONG, vectorize STRLEN call W. Landsman June 2002
  Correct bug in optimization, case where STRLEN(OBJ) EQ
        STRLEN(IN), C. Markwardt, Jan 2003
  Fixed problem when multiple replacements extend the string length
                D. Finkbeiner, W. Landsman April 2003
  Allow third parameter to be optional again W. Landsman August 2003
  Remove limitation of 9999 characters, C. Markwardt Dec 2003
  Test for empty "in" string (causing infinite loop) W. Landsman Jan 2010
  Streamline code W Landsman Dec 2011
  Use string .replace method in IDL 8.4 or later W. Landsman Feb 2015

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