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    Display a string array in a text widget with a simple search capability.


    Similar to the IDL XDISPLAYFILE procedure but includes a search capbility.

Calling Sequence

    xdispstr, array, [/BLOCK, WIDTH= , HEIGHT=, TITLE=, GROUP_LEADER=, FONT=
                      TOP_LINE=, POS= ]

Input Parameter

    array - String array (.e.g. FITS header) to be displayed

Optional Input Keyword Parameters

    block - Set to 1 to make widget blocking. Default = block=0
    font - Display font for text.
    width, height - Scalars giving number of characters per line, number
                          of lines. Default = 80x48
    group_leader - Group leader for top level base.
    title - Scalar Title for outermost base widget.
    pos - 2 element array containing the normalized X and Y position to
            display the widget on the screen. [0,0] is the upper left
            hand corner.
    top_line - first line in the string array to display (default is 0)

Procedures Used


Modification History

    Written by R. S. Hill, RITSS, 17 Nov 2000
    Use cumulative keyword to TOTAL W. Landsman May 2006
    Made resizeable, default size now 48 lines W. Landsman July 2013
    Added POS keyword W. Landsman Sep 2013

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