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Return the Sun symbol as a subscripted postscript character string


Returns the Sun symbol (circle with a dot in the middle) as a
(subscripted) postscript character string. Needed because although
the Sun symbol is available using the vector fonts as the string
'!9n', it is not in the standard postscript set.

Calling Sequence

result = SUNSYMBOL([FONT= ])



Optional Input Keywords

      font = scalar font graphics keyword (-1,0 or 1) for text. Note that
              this keyword is useful for printing text with XYOUTS but *not*
              e.g. the XTIT keyword to PLOT where the font call to PLOT takes


result - a scalar string representing the Sun symbol. A different
string is output depending (1) the device is postscript and
hardware fonts are used (!P.FONT=0), (2) vector fonts are used,
or (3) hardware fonts are used on a non-postscript device.
For case (3), SUNSYMBOL simply outputs the 3 character string


To make the X-axis of a plot read M/M_Sun
IDL> cgplot,indgen(10),xtit = 'M / M' + sunsymbol()


(1) The postscript output does not have the dot perfectly centered in
the circle. For a better symbol, consider postprocessing with
              psfrag (see http://www.astrobetter.com/idl-psfrag/ ).
(2) SUNSYMBOL() includes subscript output positioning commands in the
output string.
      (3) For true-type fonts(Font=1) and IDL Versions prior to V8.2,
          you must first use the SET_FONT keyword to Device to use a font
          that includes the Sun Symbol, e.g. "arial Unicode MS" or
          the Apple Symbols font.
          In V8.2 and later, SUNSYMBOL() will automatically convert to the
          DejaVuSans font to create a Sun symbol (and then return to the
          input font).
      (4) Also look at CGSYMBOL http://www.idlcoyote.com/programs/cgsymbol.pro
          which includes 'sun' as one if the symbols.

Revision History

Written, W. Landsman, HSTX April, 1997
      Allow font keyword to be passed. T. Robishaw Apr. 2006
      Since IDL8.2 a Sun symbol is available for true-type fonts Feb 2013

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