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Create a non-exclusive widget menu of items


More than one item may be selected or 'de-selected'.

Calling Sequence

SELECT_W, items ,iselected, [ comments, command_line, only_one,
                            SELECTIN = , COLUMNS=, Y_SCROLL_SIZE= ]


items - string array giving list of items that can be selected.

Optional Inputs

comments - string array of comments (same number of elements as items)
              for each item in array selections. Will be displayed as a
              tooltip when passing the cursor over the button for that item.
              Should have the same number of elements as items; otherwise
              will be ignored (and no tooltips will be displayed).
command_line - optional command line to be placed at the bottom
of the screen. It is usually used to specify what the
user is selecting.
only_one - integer flag. If set to 1 then the user can only select
one item. The routine returns immediately after the first
selection is made.
columns - number of columns (default = 8)
      y_scroll_size - size of GUI in device coordinates for scrolling large lists.

Optional Keyword Input

      SELECTIN - vector of items to be pre-selected upon input (not used for
              only_one option)


iselected - list of indices in selections giving the selected
items, in the order they were selected.

Optional Output Keyword

      COUNT - Integer scalar giving the number of items selected

Modification History

Written, K. Venkatakrishna & W. Landsman, Hughes/STX January, 1992
Widgets made MODAL. M. Greason, Hughes STX, 15 July 1992.
      Changed handling of MODAL keyword for V5.0 W.Thompson September 1997
      Added selectin keyword D. Lindler 01/12/99
      Added Columns, y_scroll_size keyword inputs, D. Lindler 6/20/2013
      Use CW_BGROUP instead of obsolete XMENU, implement comments parameter
        as tooltips. W. Landsman Aug 2013
      Restore SELECTIN capability W. Landsman Aug 2013
      Kluge for Unix systems when Y_SCROLL_SIZE set Nov 2013

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