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Write a group of data and parameters in ST format
to a STSDAS data file.

Calling Sequence

SXWRITE, Unit, Data,[ Par]


Unit = unit number of file. The file must have been
previously opened by SXOPEN.
Data = Array of data to be written. The dimensions
must agree with those supplied to SXOPEN and written
into the FITS header. The type is converted if

Optional Input Parameters

Par = parameter block. The size of this array must
agree with the Psize parameter in the FITS header.



Common Blocks

STCOMMN - Contains RESULT(20,10) where RESULT(i,LUN) =
0 - 121147 for consistency check, 1 - Unit for consistency,
2 - bitpix, 3 - naxis, 4 - groups (0 or 1), 5 - pcount,
6 - gcount, 7 - psize, 8 - data type as idl type code,
9 - bytes / record, 10 to 10+N-1 - dimension N,
18 - # of groups written, 19 = gcount.

Side Effects

The data are written into the next group.


SXOPEN must have been called to initialize the
header and the common block.

Modification History

DMS, July, 1983.
D.Lindler July, 1986 - changed block size of file to 512
moved group parameters after the groups data.
D.Lindler July, 1987 - modified to allow any size parameter block
(in bytes).
D. Lindler April, 1990 - converted to new VMS IDL
Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997

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