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1 Replies and 4 Views reading spatial data from NetCDF via EnviTask  4  1 Started by  Eriita Jones Hi, I have a MODIS MCD43A4 NetCDF dataset that I am trying to read programmatically via IDL ENVITasks. For some reason the ENVITask('ExtractRasterFromFile') will not run - it says no such ENVItask exists. I can open the desired raster from the NetCDF (e.g. the blue band) via OpenRaster and specifying DATASET_Name however it does not read the spatial information. How can I get ENVI to read the spatial information, so that I can then reproject the raster Is there a way I can speci...
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
16 Jul 2019 07:44 AM
5 Replies and 73 Views SVM ROI Modeler  73  5 Started by  Anna Wojtowicz-Nowakowska Hi! I would like to create model to segmentation and classification a few Landsat images. I prepared ROI i ArcGis, now i would like to convert this shp to ROI in the Modeler. My model looks like: shp -> Convert Vector Attribute to ROIs -> raster -> FX Segmentation _> now these two paths are connected -> Extract Examples from Raster _> Extract Proprieties and Metadata -> Create SVM Classifier - Classify Raster But on the beginning I get a message that 'roi_test unable to recognize ...
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
12 Jul 2019 11:34 AM
1 Replies and 17 Views Stitching together photos of open water in OneButton?  17  1 Started by  David Hicks Hi, I have over 800 aerial photos (and will eventually have more) that I am trying to stitch together in OneButton. The photos are of an estuary and every time I try to stitch them together in OneButton it fails to stitch the 'open water' photos together. It does fine stitching the photos of water near the shoreline, but it will not process the images out in the middle of the estuary. Is this common, and if so, is there a way to change settings so that it will stitch photos together based onl...
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
11 Jul 2019 12:03 PM
1 Replies and 10 Views How to find Max Value of Stack of EVI Images  10  1 Started by  Arsyad Nur Ariwahid I have 8 EVI Images, I need to find max value for each EVI Images Pixel and extract them into 1 Image that shows only the highest value of 8 EVI Images. Example: Image 1 has the highest value on several pixels from the other images, so the final image will take several pixels from Image 1. The Question, can I do that I've tried using band math (B1 GT B3 AND B1 GT B2)*B1 (B2 GT B1 AND B2 LT B3)*B2 .... but it seems doesn't show the correct value.
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
11 Jul 2019 05:02 AM
1 Replies and 19 Views Example Based Feature Extraction Workflow - Modeler  19  1 Started by  Anna Wojtowicz-Nowakowska Hi! I would like to ask, if there is an opportunity to convert Examples Based Feature Extraction Workflow to batch process in Modeler I have a couple of Landsat images and I would like to classify those using object-based approach and SVM method. Is it possible
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
09 Jul 2019 09:31 AM
18 Replies and 2035 Views Problems using FLAASH for Worldview-3 data  2035  18 Started by  Liam Clark I am attempting to use the FLAASH module on WV3 imagery but get an error saying 'Input image has more bands (8) than expected for the selected sensor (16)...' I have already used the Radiometric Calibration module to convert the raw WV3 imagery, and selected the 'FLAASH options' button when doing so. I'm really stuck on interpreting the error message as FLAASH correctly identifies the imagery as WV3 and automatically fills in the fields, so any help would be much appreciated! There's also the se...
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
28 Jun 2019 05:24 AM
1 Replies and 25 Views Radiometric calibration of Parrot Sequoia image  25  1 Started by  Hyewon Kim Hi, I'd like to conduct radiometric calibration of the image captured using Parrot Sequoia. However, there are not gain and offset data of Parrot Sequoia images uploaded on ENVI5.5. Then, Is it possible that conduct radiometric calibration of Parrot Sequoia image using ENVI5.5
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
26 Jun 2019 05:36 AM
1 Replies and 49 Views Classification workflow  49  1 Started by  Scott James We have many orthographic images that we are using ENVI 5.2 to do supervised classification. They all share many of the same characteristics and are form the same region. We want to do some supervised learning on a few images, but carry over the results and then automate the process. We have far too many images to do them all by hand. We would like to train on a few, automate the process, check some by hand, and add new classification data as needed to resolve mistakes. Any idea how to do this ...
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
20 Jun 2019 08:00 AM
0 Replies and 33 Views Surface Energy Balance Algorithm for Land (SEBAL) for Evapotranspiration calculations  33  0 Started by  Jeffrey Snoddy Jeffrey Snoddy University Of Southern California (USC) Spatial Science Department,, M.S. Table 5. Summary of equipment and software needs for Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) equation Equipment/Software Source Application ENVI ENVI Visualization/Analysis/ Data Organization ArcMap ESRI Visualization/Analysis ArcCatalog ESRI Data Organization Sankey Mode Flow Charts S3 Amazon Web Services Database Storage Slack Team Posting USC Library Se...
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14 Jun 2019 12:46 PM
1 Replies and 100 Views forrtl severe (37) inconsistent record length, unit 99  100  1 Started by  Manik Das Adhikari During the atmospheric correction 'FLAASH', i am getting 'forrtl severe (37) inconsistent record length, unit 99' error. please solve the issue.
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by  Jenny BloomJump to last post
06 Jun 2019 10:23 PM
1 Replies and 75 Views Assessment of DEMs based on GCPs  75  1 Started by  Yassine Manyari Hello, I have 3 different Digital Elevation Models and GCPs of the same area and I want to assess the accuracy of each DEM based on those GCPs. I want to know the tools that I have to use to do so in ENVI 5.3. I have also a question about how to generate a DEM from stereo images. Thank you,
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by  Jenny BloomJump to last post
06 Jun 2019 10:07 PM
1 Replies and 79 Views Seamless Mosaic problem  79  1 Started by  Anna Wojtowicz-Nowakowska I have problem with Seamless Mosaic tool. I would like to save my seamline, But when I try to restore it I get the message: 'The scene names in the vector must match the scene names for the mosaic'. What does it mean. When I have 4 rasters: LAN_2009_001, LAN_2009_002, LAN_2009_003, LAN_2009_004, how should I name my seamline I have tried i.e. LAN_2009_001.shp, but it still doesn't work.
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
22 May 2019 09:41 AM
1 Replies and 48 Views Problem by creating a connection graph  48  1 Started by  antonio scamuffa I made a sample selection in SARscape with SAR data, using a georeferenced shape and D.E.M. In the sample selection the input file was a multilooked .pwr file, so the output is a .pwr file. I have to input the .pwr file because the slc_list file is to small (5 kb) to be cut and because I have to process the images with the multilooking. The problem is that in the next step, the connection graph creation, ENVI tells me that the 20 or more input files has to be slc_list file, but I need to make th...
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
20 May 2019 09:07 AM
6 Replies and 132 Views NNDiffuse Pan Sharpening error  132  6 Started by  Anna Wojtowicz-Nowakowska I try to do a big model with whole workflow of pre-procesing and I can not connect PanSharpening with Dark Substraction Correction. My model looks like bellow: multispectral rasters -> iterator -> radiometric calibration -> raster statistic -> dark substraction correction ->agregator -> iterator -> NNDiffuse PS -> -> panchromaticl rasters -> iterator -> radiometric calibration -> raster statistic -> dark substraction correction ->agregator -> Extract Element -> NNDiffuse PS -> ->...
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by  Anna Wojtowicz-NowakowskaJump to last post
17 May 2019 12:47 AM
5 Replies and 1165 Views How compute class stats over a ROI  1165  5 Started by  Silvio Martufi [LEFT] Hi all, I am trying to compute the classes statistics of a classification maps obtained from a masked raster. The masked pixels are No Data. I am interested to compute the percentage of surface classified by each class. The class stats provide a percentage with respect on the total area of the raster, but i need the statistic value only for the not masked area. Here below a briefly description of workflow in ENVI 5.4: Right click on a class Select Compute Class stats Select the mask...
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
16 May 2019 05:31 AM
1 Replies and 83 Views the backgroud value of DEM after extraction  83  1 Started by  Yassine Manyari Hello, I have used the Dem extraction wizard for an Ikonos stereo pair images and I have found out after importing the tif file to Arcgmap that It takes into account the background value in the elevation scale. The value is -999 and I want to know if I can extract the dem without the background values.
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
13 May 2019 08:03 AM
4 Replies and 53 Views Radiometric & atmospheric correction of ASTER_L1T thermal bands  53  4 Started by  Nikolaos T Hello, I have performed radiometric and atmospheric correction of ASTER_L1T thermal bands. Firstly, I have performed the radiometric correction and after that the atmospheric. Lastly, I did the emissivity normalization. More specifically, I have insert the images into ENVI 5.3 new UI, and then I performed the corrections (when I performed the radiometric correction I did NOT apply FLAASH). As a result I had 1 image instead of 5 (as my original thermal bands). My question is why I get only 1 ima...
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
13 May 2019 07:58 AM
1 Replies and 82 Views generation of PPI error message in processing sentinel 2 mosaic data  82  1 Started by  kalani lakshani I have a layer stack image which i made using the bands of 7, 8a, 11 and 12 of sentinel 2 data where each band is a mosaic of 7 sentinel images. the resolution is 20m. I executed the MNF operation. But when i try to execute PPI it generates an error message of 'an error occurred while attempting to load the data in to memory. Unable to continue. error: end of file encountered. unit 100'. My computer is windows 10 64 bit machine with a 20 GB ram. I want to know the reason for this error messa...
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
08 May 2019 01:00 PM
2 Replies and 114 Views ENVIReprojectGLT MODIS or VIIRS with seperate geo file  114  2 Started by  Solar Smith I'm trying to use the ENVIReprojectGLT task to georeference MODIS or VIIRS data when the geographic rasters are not in the same file as the image raster. I would like to use the new API rather than resort to the old classic api. The example in the documentation has those raster automatically generated with the 'openraster' function when opening an hdf5 file that includes the image data and the geographic data together. I'm not sure how to use the task when that information is coming from se...
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by  Solar SmithJump to last post
07 May 2019 11:14 AM
5 Replies and 924 Views Replace bad values Error  924  5 Started by  Adam Podhrázský I have set of Landsat 7 images. I need to remove "black lines" from images and i use Remove bad Values tool. Tool works fine on most images but when i try to use it on some of them i get error like: "dem_bad_data_doit: An error has occured during processing Error: "TRIANGULATE: Points are co-linear, no solution" The result may be invalid. What's the problem And how to fix it Why some of images are processed fine and some not They are from same source (https://earthe...
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by  Hee Kyung RyooJump to last post
29 Apr 2019 08:09 PM
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