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ENVI 5.4 / IDL 8.6 Quick Start Install and Licensing Guide

Below is a quick start guide to follow to download and activate your ENVI 5.4 and/or IDL 8.6 software once you have received your initial Welcome and Maintenance ID emails. 

1) After creating a password and account you will be at the landing page for the Download and Licensing Center. Towards the bottom under "Browse My Software and Documentation" will be a list of downloadable products based off of your current license activation codes. Select the appropriate product that you would like to install to view a list of current releases. 


2) You will then be presented with a list of all the downloadable files along with further detailed instructions and release notes. Click on the desired link and install. 

-Please note that the FlexNet License Server is provided as a separate product installer that is available from the product download list below. It is no longer included by default with the base installation packages. 


3) After your file(s) have downloaded, follow the prompts to further the install. Once complete you will be prompted to run the Harris License Administrator - select yes. You will now use the License Administrator tool to implement your activation code/s to license your software. 


4) Armed with your activation code/s from your Maintenance ID email, select "Activate Licenses" in the Admin Tool to license your software as Node Locked. Type or paste the code/s into the box, update quantity field (if applicable) and select "Activate". Once you receive the Activation confirmation, your software is now licensed for use!

-To Activate your code as a Served (floating) license, use the "Activate Licenses on this Server" option and complete the steps outlined in the above step. 


5) To Connect to an existing server as a Client Machine. Use the "Use License Server" Option and Enter the server name or IP Address and Port Number (if the default 7070 is not used) and select Connect. 

-Please note that the FlexNet License Server is provided as a separate product installer that is available from the Download and Licensing Center product download list. 



Your Software should now be activated and ready to use! If you encounter and issues or have any questions, please see the below FAQ or contact Support. Thank you.

New Licensing FAQ


(Written by DB 12/6/2016)

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