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Wizard Basics

Wizard Basics

To successfully use the Spectral Hourglass Wizard, you should become familiar with the basic functions and concepts:

  • Text in the top panel of the Wizard provides background information and guidance for each step. It is very important that you read this information before proceeding. Use the vertical and horizontal scroll bars to view all of the text.
  • Enter and select the parameters for that step using the buttons and fields near the bottom of the panel.
  • Use the Prev and Next buttons to step through the Wizard.
  • Each processing step will execute when you select the Next button.
  • If the Next button is not available for selection, be sure that you set all of the necessary parameters.
  • Use the Prev button to go back to a previous step to modify parameters and to run that step again.
  • ENVI adds the resulting output to the Layer Manager.
  • You can examine the results of a function at any time.
  • Various plots display during processing, and you can save them by selecting File > Save Plot As in the plot window.
  • To display only the title of each panel and not the text, right-click on the text and select Display Title Only. To redisplay the text, right-click and select Display Full Text.

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