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Visual Programming with the ENVI Modeler

Visual Programming with the ENVI Modeler

Use the ENVI Modeler to create custom task-based workflows in ENVI. The ENVI Modeler combines the power of the ENVI application programming interface (API) with a simple and intuitive user interface to help you build workflows without any knowledge of ENVI programming. Here are some examples of workflows that you can create:

  • Batch-process multiple Landsat datasets to create a time series of thematic change classification.
  • Explore a new remote sensing methodology that links Spectral Indices and Classification techniques in innovative ways.

  • Test a complex workflow locally on your desktop, then run it remotely on a Geospatial Services Framework (GSF) server.

You can share model files with colleagues and run models in a desktop or enterprise environment.

The ENVI Modeler works on all platforms that ENVI supports. You can use the ENVI Modeler if you have an ENVI runtime license; however, some features are limited. You will benefit from the full experience of the ENVI Modeler if you have an ENVI+IDL license.

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