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The Command History View

The Command History View

The Command History view shows a list of recent statements entered into the IDL Console.

Clicking the "Date" column header allows you to sort commands by date from oldest or most recent.

To copy statements from Command History to the IDL Console or Editor:

  • Copy/Paste to Console or Editor: Right-click on a command and select copy, then paste it in the Console or Editor view.
  • Copy to Console: Double-click a command in Command History to copy the statement to the Console View.
  • Drag and Drop lines of code from Command History View into the Editor to help create programs from statements entered at the command line. Select multiple lines by holding down the <CTRL> or <SHIFT> key while highlighting.
  • Scroll Through History: In the IDL Console, use the <UP ARROW> or <DOWN ARROW> keys to scroll through your Command History directly at the IDL prompt. Once you have retrieved a command, you can edit it before running. Press <ENTER> to run the command.

Option Buttons

The upper-right corner of the Command History View contains additional, optional functionality in the form of buttons and a filter text box.

Filter - Typing in the Filter box will remove any commands from the history list that do not meet the filter criteria.

Tree View - Toggles between organizing the commands in simple list or in a hierarchical tree based on date/time.

Menu - Options to display the Tree View (see above) and to Clear the Command History.

Maximize/Minimize - These buttons resize all of the Views in that Workbench pane. Change back to the previous pane size by clicking the Restore button in the upper right (for maximized panes) or lower right corner (for minimized panes) of the resized window.

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