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Use the IDLdbDatabase::ExecuteSQL procedure method to execute an SQL statement. No results are expected from this statement; any that are received are discarded. You can use this method to perform actions such as creating or deleting a table. To use this method, the object must already be connected to a datasource.


DBobj -> [IDLdbDatabase::]ExecuteSQL, strSQL


Note: Do not use the following words in the argument string: DOUBLE, FLOAT, and TEMP. These words are reserved in SQL.


A string that contains a valid SQL statement. This statement is executed in the data source referenced by the database object.

If strSQL is a command that produces a return value, that value will be ignored. If you want to capture the return of an SQL statement (or Stored Procedure) that provides a return value, see SQL.

Note: Always enclose the string value in double quotes.



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